Pure London- day 1! [rehearsal]

Thanks to Christie, me and a few others landed a job at Pure London! We're dressing the models for the shows that will be running for 3 days, starting tomorrow.  I've been talking about Maya Rose and Gossipi quite a lot recently and they've got their own stalls there aswell. It's all happening in Kensington Olympia so pop over if you wish to!
It was the first time most of us were working as dressers so it was hectic! Good thing it was only rehearsals today! We still managed to have fun, eventhough our feet was aching and we were getting slightly fed up. But it was a very good experience working with all the professional models! Looking forward to the next 3 days but in a way, I'm not! 


Morbid Angel said...

CONGRATS!!!! Good luck on dressing the dolls!

sunuk said...

Hey kool lucky ya!!
goodluck and congrat' babes...;)