FOTD [Valentine's Day]

how to make gif

Yesterday was my last day at Pure London and it was Valentine's Day! 
I thought I'd wear pink but then I only ended up having my nails, and my hair bun pink- ahh damn! 

I used a neutral pallete on my eyes- white inner corners, 
waterline and brow bone, light brown on my lid gradually building 
up a darker muddy brown on my eye socket. A thin line of black 
eyeliner on the top and bottom and lots of mascara. My fake 
eyelashes are from ebay.

Then I used my contour kit and bronzer to shade the hollows of my cheeks and the sides of my forehead. When I have my hair up, I feel the need to create some chisselled feature around my round face! That is all!

It's a very hectic environment backstage, so I find it easy to 
have my hair up. I tied a very high pony tail on the top pf my crown, 
then twisted my hair around the tie and secured it all with 
crocodile clips. Then I tied my pink scarf around with a cute bow 
at the front :)


sacramento said...

Wonderful make up, beautiful YOU.

p said...

love this look dd!! xx :D

dongala (wanderer) said...

the gif is too cute..as if u r just infront of me doing that! so cute..
and yea iSeriously should learn makeup tips from you..
you shud see my picture.. esp my face..iNever put makeup..
and iGuess iShould and look pweedy! :)

happy V-day to u <3


Swapnil said...

CUTE or what! that collar of your shirt <3