Pinhole Camera!

I made a pinhole camera today! 

I refuse to say how I made it 
because I learnt it in a 5 hour workshop? Something that takes 
less than 10mins to make, we spent nearly 5 hours trying to learn 
how to make it! Crazy!


Having said that, I'm not going to complain because I've never made one before so it was cool learning how to. Can't stop taking photos now! I just hope they all turn out good! It's simple to take photos- release the shutter (pull the shutter up, in this case) and that's it! The whole mechanism is made out of film reels, a matchbox, tin, and a whole lotta black marker pen action  and electrical tape!

I don't know where I'm aiming.. or if I'm exposing it for the right time.. it's all a big experimental game! It's really cool! Excites! I want to make more! The film only costs a pound in Poundland! How good is that?!

Ps, I'm thinking of customizing all my pinhole cameras. Eek! Excites!


skyscraperjjang said...

Ooh wow!! That's such a cool idea :D
Please do update us with the pictures you took with your pinhole camera. I'd love to see ^^


Yeap will do sis :D fingers crossed that they'll come out good! xxx

Sandra said...

Cool :) x