Review - Lush Popcorn lip scrub

I've been using the popcorn flavoured lip scrub from Lush for over a month now and I thought it might be a good idea to write a little review. 

Its simply a gentle exfoliator for your lips but as its a LUSH lip scrub, you get more than just a pot of sugar. You can choose from a small range of flavours but this flavour in particular could be a hit and miss for some. Nonthless, the packaging is minimal, as always with all Lush products and the glass pot is compact enough to fit snug in your makeup bag- which is great for us all as you can scrub away whilst you're on the move.

I've  previously used the bubblegum flavoured lip scrub from their range- which seems to be a favourite amongst most but the same cannot be said about this flavour. The buttery caramel flavouring tastes of a strong salt / sweet popcorn which seems to confuse most people. I personally love the smell and the taste (its always tempting to lick the remains on the lips!) but it might be worth testing it out at the store before purchasing.

"Hand made with fresh ingredients" this lip scrub is basically sugar and sea salt- with added extra virgin coconut oils and organic jojoba oils that helps moisturise, buff and prime the lips. All ingredients are natural except for the "safe synthetic" flavouring.

When my lips are dehydrated, I use it after my face wash, just before moisturising. I dampen the area with warm water, apply a pinch of lip scrub to gently exfoliate my skin and then i wash away the excess. Then, I always apply a coat of lip balm to keep the lips hydrated. 

If your lips are chapped, I would advise using a clean toothbrush to gently brush away chapped skin (dampen lips before) before applying the lip scrub. 

Some may get really addicted to this lip scrub due to the taste and its tempting to scrub away all day long but I would personally refrain from using it constantly. Its also a good idea to gently exfoliate the delicate lip area.

Overall, its a great little pot of sweetness heaven that you can pop in your bag so you never have to walk around with the horrible feeling of dry lips! Great as a little present for teenagers, or even mums! 

You get 25g for the price of £5.50 and I promise you, as long as you dont eat it, it'll last you a good few months.

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