Review - Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap & Cleansing Lotion

This is the first time I've tried anything from the Mario Badescu skin care range and I would have never known about them if I hadn't recieved these samples along with a large purchase from Beauty Bay. I've been trying it for two weeks now and I think it's time to share a review on the Cleansing Soap and the Cleansing Lotion.

I have a very simple skin care regime- I like to use a gentle daily exfoliater followed by a moisturiser. Its always worked for my skin and I rarely get attacked by blemishes. However, my skin is combination/ dry - something which only gets solved when I have my moisturiser on, so I'm always on the lookout for a treatment for the tightness and occasional dry patches. I use moisturising face masks, exfoliaters, cleansers and toners on a weekly basis, in a hope for the correct treatment but I've never found something that really works for me. I was away for a week in wet, windy Devon so it was perfect for me to take these travel sized bottles and give them a test run! 

Seaweed Cleansing Soap (£11.95 236ml) 
This mild anti-inflammatory cleanser gently exfoliates, removes makeup, dirt without interfering with your skin's natural moisture balance. It soothes the skin with seaweed extract nutritions and minerals while gently buffing the skin with seaweed flakes. It might not be for everyone but I quite enjoy the refreshing seaweed smell. It contains no soap but however, it contains bladderwrack extract which is most know for its medical use for inflamed joints. It claims to be suitable for all skin types but targeted more for dry skin.

So I've been using this creamy cleanser twice a day, massaging it in circular motions on wet skin then washing away with lukewarm water. It removes makeup but I still felt the need for a makeup wipe before cleansing. On the third day, I got one small spot on my cheek but other that than, I didn't experience any negative reactions, nor any extreme positive changes. However, after two weeks of daily use, my skin feels less dry than usual and I can sense minimal tightness before I moisturise. 

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion (£12.95 236ml)
This mild, non-alcoholic cleansing lotion is a non drying toner that cleans, soothes and disinfects dry and sensitive skin with seaweed and aloe vera gel while the Witch Hazel extract removes dirt that clogs up pores. Once again, the seaweed smell is present in this watery liquid.

Ive been applying this toner, after cleansing, using a cotton pad in outward circular motion on my cheeks, forehead and chin. My pores were instantly minimised which could be due to the clear out of dirt and sebum. My skin also felt refreshed but I think that's phychological as I see the 'dirt' on the cotton pad! However, my skin wasnt inflamed which is a huge plus for me and I was very glad to find out that it's suitable for combination and sensitive skin. 

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