Review - Giorgio Armani ARMANI EAU DE CÈDRE

I will be working at Harrods this month for the launch of a new men's fragrance Eau de Cèdre and I am excited about telling you all about this exclusive new fragrance. It is the newest edition to the Armani La Collection Pour Homme- "A wardrobe of couture fragrances inspired by Giorgio Armani's wardrobe of couture jackets." and believe me, this fragrance will transport you to the mountains of Italy!

Eau pour Homme - the first fragrance launched by Mr Armani in 1984 was inspired by the symbol of Italian elegance. After 19 years Mr Armani released his second fragrance Eau de Nuit in 2013 inspired by the scent of a man in a black tuxedo, followed by Eau d'Arômes in the next year representing the de-constructed tweed jacket. This year is the launch of a spicy woody fragrance, a luxurious addition to the family of 'A wardrobe of couture fragrances", represented by the glamorous elegance of a Giorgio Armani velvet green jacket. 

Eau de Cèdre represents the intrigue of the green, forest fresh, aromatic scent of the Italian mountains.

Fragrance of Cedarwood

Well presented in a sublime green bottle, Eau de Cèdre is inspired by the green, pine, earthiness of a Calabrian Forest. Personally, I adore the warm spicy but refreshing aroma of this fragrance and it develops luxuriously on skin throughout the day. Initially the top notes of rich Calabrian Bergamot and the fresh Citrus represents the crisp Italian mornings, while the intensely green aroma of Violet Leaves represents freshly cut grass. The heart notes include a warm cocktail of spices; the pungent scent of Cumin, herbal Sage and rich, spicy Black Cardamom. The base note is a combination of the aromatic, full bodied and refreshing Black Tea, a masculine Suede accord and finally Cedar; a mysterious and powerful essential oil... Ever green native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region.

The perfect new perfume for men who challenge convention appreciating the very best in life

Although it's a men's fragrance, I would happily douse myself with this! Unlike many men fragrances that are pungently masculine, the earthy notes in Eau de Cèdre makes it suitable for a woman too. Maybe not all women- but it's a definite yes from me! From experience, this fragrance lingers on the skin for up to 6 hours.

Celebrating 40 years of Giorgio Armani, Eau de Cedre ( 50ml and 100ml ) will be launched exclusively at Harrods on the 17th August 2015.

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