FOTD [Yellow + Pink]

It's still cold and chilly in England so I feel the need to use 
colors and brighten up my season-dried face. So I'm really into 
bold makeup at the moment and this makeup is definitely 
something I have never worn out before!

I mashed up two different looks from Beyonce's music video Telephone 
(pictured above). It's yet another crazy color mash up! 
Normally, I play it safe with 
my makeup but I actually went to a photo shoot with 
this makeup on and I felt really comfortable wearing it!


I've been looking for a bright pink shade and I found it! 
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 02 has a creamy texture and 
glides on smoothly- perfect! It's definitely long lasting- perfect! 
The only problem with it is that it's got a sheer texture, a bit 
too sheer for my liking. I like my matte lipsticks. Oh and even 
with Lipcote on, I can EASILY smear my lippy- not good! 

...BUT, saying all that.. I have to admit... I have been wearing 
this lipstick for the past 2 days and I'm in love with it! Might 
buy more from the range!


But basically, this shade looks so lush in contrast with the 
yellow eye shadow. Or is that just me?

On the eyes, I drew on my normal thick winged eyeliner using a liquid 
eyeliner. Then using a VERY bright (almost neon) shade of yellow, 
I drew along, just above, the black eye liner. (Tip: To make sure 
you get a strong color, prime your eyelids first. Or... use white 
eyeliner below the eye shadow.)
Then I lined my waterline with a white eyeliner (I find that this makes 
the yellow eye shadow POP! lolz) and a bit of mascara here and there 
and voila!


Morbid Angel said...

Babe u rocked the look!!!I need a white eye liner!!!!! Got some neon yellow!!Defo gonna try it! ;p

Sanna said...

WOW you completely rocked the Makeup.I'm so gonna try it.


Morbid Angel: white eyeliner is essential! yesss have a go and let me know when you do!
Sanna: thankyouuu!

Sandra said...

You look lovely x