So after all the pressure and stress of Uni presentation and Miss Uk Nepal 2011, I've got more stress coming my way! I've got a 1500 word essay due in on how fashion promotion will evolve in the next five years. On top of that, I've got to finish three dresses for the Parcha Exhibition. I've got a lot on my plate but I can't help but love the stress.

Just a week ago or so, I got together with the Parcha Production crew and helped them with a little short clip they wanted to film and show others what to expect in the exhibition. There were artists, dancers, musicians, makeup artists involved. As instructed, I made my journey, all the way from Epsom to the East side of London, with an enormous amount of fabric- a duvet cover. I've been asked a few times now 'Chhimmi, how did you afford all that fabric?!' Well.. there you go.. secret's been revealed! It's a duvet cover!
The Parcha crew wanted the model in ONE long white drape of fabric. Me and Krishma came up with an idea to wrap the fabric around the body, going tighter towards the lower part and then letting the rest of the fabric trail on the floor. We could have simply wrapped it around but we wanted to see the natural silhouette of the body through the fabric. First of all we cut the duvet cover around the edges to open it up into a larger surface area. The only cutting we did after that was the neck, arms and a bit of shredding of the fabric on the left arm. We tried our best to keep the fabric in one single piece. After a lot of draping and pinning, we got hold of some white strings and tightened the lower part.

I've done a lot of styling exercises before but I'd never done one with a big mass of fabric. Being able to do something as simple as generating ideas and creating something out of a duvet cover has opened my mind into thinking that maybe I should do this more often.


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Hope to see a lot of people come and support the event! The list of artists, performers, designers' endless! I'm really excited! I've got a week to finish my three dresses. A WEEK! Someone needs to slap some reality into me.

Come support me and the rest of the artists, musicians and designers @ the Parcha Exhibition [03.12.2011 / 04.12.2011] @ Mile End Art Pavillion ♥ 



Schokominza said...

like your blog :-)


Schoko (cousin of Marie & Sophie)


Sumo said...

aaah can't wait to see everyone's work


thanks Schoko :)
TELL ME ABOUT IT RASMI! its less than a week away now till rehersals :D

just tututiny said...

Everything looks amazing, looks like a great event, thanksf or sharing!

TENZIN said...

saw the video and loved it, great job!!!!!:)

Mara Silveira said...

Great job!