Miss Uk Nepal 2011 [BACKSTAGE]

As the official makeup artist for, the second year running, Miss Uk Nepal 2011, there was a lot of pressure to make sure all the contestants were looking their best at all times throughout the whole night! We started around 2/3pm and the night ended at 2/3am! The whole time, I was applying and re-applying makeup on all 10 faces! It was such a hectic night and I was nervous due to all the pressure but it all came together in the end with a lot of help from my assistants.

I wasn't able to watch last year's Miss Uk Nepal 2010 but 
watching it live this year and being a part of it was so much different and electrifying! Getting to know the girls and helping them out, it was good fun. In our Nepali society, people are quick to judge and so there are many people who talk negatively about beauty pageants. Miss Uk Nepal isn't only about beauty, but personality aswell. I believe we need to support the people who set platforms for such enthusiastic personalities because they put so much effort into making such events happen. Even for the girls, carrying the title isn't only about wearing the crown. As Miss Uk Nepal 2011 Gau Maya Gurung is slowly realising - "Many of us think wearing the crown will make us inches taller. But in fact, I can instead feel the weight of huge responsibilties and expectations pulling me inches down.", there is a lot of pressure on the girls to be near perfect. 

All ten contestants on stage in traditional outfits.
Backstage photos with Sarita Chamling (Fashion Beauty Bug), Nesh Pun (official hairdresser), Mae Williams (styling assistant), Sarala Thapa (host, Yuva Vibes), George Gurung (contestant of Top Model Uk Nepal 2011), Gau Maya Gurung (Winner of Miss Uk Nepal 2011).

Well done to Miss uk Nepal 2011: Gau Maya Gurung, 1st runner up: Pragya Shreshtha , 2nd runner up: Neelam Gurung 


laxmi said...

Well done you! The contestants looked beautiful with their make up. xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing wrk sis..keep it up..:)


i wish you were there laxmi! but thankyou :)) i hope to be asked to do it next year too :D xxx

Mara Silveira said...

More i read it, more i like it! :) Beautiful make-up!


thanks mara :) x