Fashion is no longer just about following the trends anymore. There are people out there who experiment with their style and the way they want to present themselves, often links to their personality and lifestyle. It's really inspiring to see someone develop their own style. To me, it doesn't necessarily mean that they've 'started the trend' of a certain look. Instead, it's more about how well the person carries themselves in their chosen attire. As fashion gets more and more edgier and competitive, people have chosen to take a few steps back into the years. Everyone loves a bit of vintage these days! My personal favorite has to be the 60s, from the music to the atmosphere of that decade. I'm a big fan of the way they dressed back then and I wish I was born and raised in the 60s but that doesn't necessarily mean that I walk around in shift dresses everywhere. Instead, I take my own more modern approach to their style- an over sized shirt, buttoned up, length similar to the length of a 60s shift dress with cotton tights. I take little elements and fit it into my own style and the way I find clothing comfortable for my body.
I've known about Vintage Basement, based in Brick Lane, since last year this time around. I went in there, not hoping for much but I ended up buying a brown pleather bag for under a tenner, which I still use till this very day! I was very chuffed when the owner recognized me from my previous visit! The store itself has a very worn out feel to it with wooden flooring, old sofas, vinyl records and old newspaper covering the ceilings, 40s pin up girls on posters. I went around with Krishma's Canon taking photos, trying to grab the essence of the store. 
[Brace yourselves for A LOT OF PHOTOS!]

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Well, since I was at the store, it made complete sense to try on clothes and take photos of the ones I liked. Norm. Here are a few pieces of clothing, that I wish I could own, from Vintage Basement.
They've got a selection of bows and ties and MINI ties! I was wearing my favorite pink shirt so had to match it with this floral bow tie with hints of blues, yellows and greens..
This dress is very unflattering since I've got my belly popping out but I still adore this dress! I think the extra large padded shoulders even out the pudge I've got going on. I love the monochrome colors and the buttons! Love this dress!

 I think I have developed a sweater obsession recently. I just feel really comfortable and snug in them, how can anyone not love them! Especially when you're living in England! This purple VERY furry sweater made my day. It was a shame I couldn't bring it back home with me.
Another item of clothing I wish I could bring back home with me. This sequinned shirt hangs so beautifully on the shoulder. Eventhough it's heavily sequinned, I didn't feel like a disco ball whilst wearing it. Iam seriously thinking about going back to the store and buying it... 
There was a section in the store which was filled with Military themed clothing. Personally, I've never been a fan of the military boots that you see everyone wearing these days but I have to say, I was impressed with the collection Vintage Basement had! Krishma was eyeing up the camouflage print jumpsuits but I had my eyes on this rucksack! 
They also had sailor captain's suit (which was sooo heavy!) and uniform hats.
On the other hand, there was a selection of different leather jackets, sheep skin coats (ever so heavy!) and my personal favourite.. fur coats (faux)! I also came across this wierdly shaped coat, which at first I thought was going to look horrible on me, but I ended up totally loving it! I want it so bad! The A-line shape ending below my knees isn't normally my cup of tea but the cut of the arms and the hood and the merky green color.. aahh I want it!

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