Whoever opened that shop called Hype in the Ashley Center, I bow down to you! They sell the usual, cheaper copies of what's on trend at the moment. It's not your usual high street brand but it's a known fact- everyone loves a good bargain! I've recently bought my black platform wedges AND worn them to two very messy night outs, oopsie. It's got two criss-cross straps at the front and a strap to hold on to the ankle. Personally, I prefer closed toe heels but in this case, I just had to buy them. They were on sale for less than £20 so I thought why not!
 Ps. Today,  my younger sister, who most of the time acts way too smart for her age, admitted that she reads my blog. Now that just melted my heart. Awww. But, as expected, the moment didn't last very long. "...well, you do write a little too much at times...". 
I love my sister. I always know who to go to for some good old constructive criticism. Peanut head. Thankyou xxx


x-Makeup-Meoww-x said...

Eeeeeee I am such a sucker for wedges, these are so nice!.


Dolma !! said...

yerp you know thats what i do best, and actually love the shoes. and yes i read your blog.. you caught me! xxxxx