I normally don't post 'what-I-wore' but I feel like I should. I applied for a job at Jack Wills last week and I was invited for a recruitment night just the day after I sent my application through. I was so shocked that I got 'chosen' but once I got there, after seeing the amount of people that had been invited, I wasn't feeling special anymore! I applied for Jack Wills in Selfridges but the recruitment night was held in the store in Soho. I had never been to Soho so you can imagine how excited I was to see the beautiful night life! There were people oozing out of restaurants, cafes and pubs everywhere! I reached Soho half an hour early, just incase! I am known for my late-ness but I wasn't going to let that ruin my chances of getting a job! Well, I went to a few of the stores whilst waiting. There were A LOT OF amazing shops! I had been on Lazy Oaf's website before since they have lots of creatively made merchandise but when I spotted the store in Soho, I got so excited!

The recruitment night at Soho store was very interesting! I advice everyone to have a go at it! It was my first ever recruitment/ interview so I didn't know what to expect! Basically, they split us all in groups, then asked us all to draw ourselves and our hobbies. I went for it! I was so smug when I showed everyone my picture, telling them all about it. I enjoyed that task. The second task involved us trying to sell one item of JW. When you have amazing luck *cough* like mine, you get given an iPhone case. AND I was last in the queue. I felt like I was repeating everyone else! The third task was way more challenging. We were split in different groups and they wanted us to choose outfits for a JW event (ie, JW after ski party, JW sleepover). I thought I would shine in this task but with my luck, you obviously get given a group of JW know it alls. At first, I stayed positive and I gave in feedback, got involved with the team but slowly, as everyone starting realising that we're all fighting for that one spot, it got messy. I started feeling very uncomfortable. If I spoke out and said that I like the green gilet, someone would go against me and choose a maroon one. Things got intense and at one point, one girl, from my own group, mentioned to the whole room of people that we chose chelsea boots instead of something comfortable like brogues because brogues are so last season.

For your information hunny, brogues are definitely in this season.
Needless to say, I didn't get offered an interview but I am so glad I went because I learned so much about Jack Wills and the atmosphere at interviews... intimidating people at interviews! I feel more ready to apply for other jobs now. Well, just like many other people, I was worried about what I should wear to Jack Wills recruitment night but it didn't take me long to decide. I settled in for my pink jumper from The Sweater Shop, Navy polka dot skirt, grey tights and brogues. I looked a little like the Jack Wills trademark pink and navy stripes but to be honest, that is one of my favorite jumpers and I was also hoping that they would see I'm not afraid to wear labels. *giggles* My housemate, lover of all things Jack Wills, offered me some JW clothes but there's always that risk of being a try-hard, so I politely refused. I borrowed her classy black unbrella though and I also had my H&M jacket on because England's starting to get VERY chilly these days!

So this weekend, I went to see my college friend Stacy. She's so much fun and we always have a laugh when we're together :). We went for drinks for her boyfriend's birthday and since I was going to meet up old friends, I thought I should make an effort! So I bought a dress for only £15 and black wedges for £18! With my student budget, I just about managed to stretch that far! Normally, I go for shift dresses, flowy materials but I got lured in to try this dress, something I would never think twice about putting on! The cut was surprisingly flattering on me and I felt very comfortable. The colar made it perfect for me because I can't seem to wear anything without colars these days! So from now on, if you're meaty like me, I suggest you try one of these babies!


laxmi said...

Omg the recruitment night sounds so interesting. I never thought that getting a job at JW would mean to go to that length. Anyway at least you learned a lot. xx


i do have a habbit of blabbing on a bit too much so that might have caused you to think that it was a long winded process lol but yeah, i learned a lot :) it was very useful :) xxx