Playing dress up

I've been making a transition into putting more thought into my outfits recently
Taking a lot of reference from my ever so stylish friend Allison- esp the scrunchie!
Just before a night out Allison said 'I'll be ready in two secs, just need to change my scrunchie..' 
she swapped her black one for a white one AHA! So cute!
Anyways, I bought mine yesterday from boots - TWO FOR £5 AT BOOTS?!?! WTF. SMH.
But to be honest, the scrunchie holds up ALL my hair at once so I guess I should not be complaining
And I've also been wearing other outfits than my usual- shirt, jumper, shorts, tights. booooooo! BORING!


Nancy Wilde said...

I love that rainbow necklace!? Did you make it? Love it! xx

byangchee said...

love your blog,and love the way you do makeup ,already following you
would be glad if you'd follow me too : ) xx


Mi_Mi said...

wow Chhimmi didi you looking soo pretty^^


ankush deol said...
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