MOOi LLC [Handmade Jewellery]

Most of you probably know about MOOi by now
but basically, if you like statement making jewelleries, like myself
then you should definately check them out!!
I received my parcel from them a few weeks back
and I even made a review video on my youtube channel
Scroll down to watch it and see what I think about it!
I've been wearing them for weeks now and I'm thinking of purchasing some more!
Especially those unicorn ones... yummy!
Or maybe even the Swarovski crystal nose pearl chain!

The brand is based in America but they have recently introduced
delivery/ shipping to England !!!



Anonymous said...

Love the review! very well put together, and fun to read!

mooi jewelry said...

Thank's for the review! you've been so good to me <3

Anonymous said...

A unique assortment of hand made jewelry....Nice!!!

Dejuan said...

The best I know! Keep up the good work you're blessed with such talent! :)

Karen said...

Very authentic and very creative work with this lovely website. Keep up the good work!I am currently infatuated with the swarovski crystal hummingbird earings. MOOi has a inspiring collection where it is cool and fun you can never go bored with. Always keeps you amazed. Again keep up the good work!