ELLEuk Makeup Artist Internship 2012

Photographer: Thomas Langley
Model: Catherine
MUA: Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung

ELLEuk are looking for interns to work on their October issue! 
As soon as I heard about it,
I got in contact with Thomas and he successfully contacted a model and everything was arranged !
The shoot was researched, planned and shot in the space of 12 hours!
I did not want to waste any time- I just had to get it done and submitted- eager beaver!


I directed the shoot from the hair to the nails, the whole look! The basic brief was to incorporate a AW 2012 makeup trend into my work and after intense research, I decided to go for white highlights, bold lips, low ponytail, murky nails. I let Catherine's incredible physique do the rest.

Although I chose subtle elements, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, I deliberately chose not to overpower the makeup. I even had the model bare-skinned. Sometimes, less is more.

Thomas and I, later on sat down and decided on the editing, over a cup of coffee. It took intense concentration and I really put Thomas on the edge by asking  for the photo to look as glossy as possible. Thomas hardly likes to edit his photos- he prefers the natural look  but he did an incredible job. He was sat there editing out every speck of dust! At the end, we were left aw-ing at our very own photo!

Thankyou so much to Thomas for his enormous amount of support 
and Catherine - a fab person to work with! Kate Moss look-a-likey? No?


Lastly, I've only just posted the photo for two days now and I've already had 200+ likes! Thankyou so so so much to everyone!!! It is a ridiculous amount of likes and I appreciate every one of them!
I could go on and on but I'll stop here.

I hope the wash of pure white over Catherine's face 
gives you the warm winter chills 
and her textured lips, make you crave berries!

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