Review [The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Colour #67 Midnight Berry]

Helloooooo everyone!
So this is the second lipstick I picked up at The Body Shop, the other day.
This one is a deeper, darker shade than the last one I reviewed
and most people would probably consider wearing this
for an evening wear.

I bought this lipstick on sale for £3 (normally retails at £9)
and I was not expecting any surprises but when I opened it,
I immediately noticed the lipstick 'sweating' ?
There were droplets of moisture on the bullet- not impressed!

I was not going to give up hope though so I swatched it on my hand first
but I was having trouble gliding the bullet on my skin!
The product refused to slide smoothly on my skin
resulting in very little to no product being left behind. 

I swiped it to a point where I was literally rubbing the bullet across my skin
back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,
but no luck! The product's gone off I think!
The Body Shop need to be more careful in the future
and eventhough I did not pay the full price,
I still paid.. for a product I can no longer use!

Shame.. cos I was really excited to use this shade
which by the way, looks dark and vampy on the tube
but leaves a juicy berry color on the lips!


Tattooed Tealady said...

It's a lovely shade, I wish I had the confidence to wear darker shades! xo


you've got lush lips! why not hun :)