Review on Lee Stafford's Colour Xtreme Spray - One Night Strand - Outrageous Orange

The first thing on my list for my spring-must-haves was 
coloured hair spray! Dip-dye has been a massive hit 
lately but all over the runways, designers have been going crazy 
with all sorts of colours to compliment their garments this 
season. I have dark hair, which hasn't been dyed for months now 
and I hope to keep it that way but I just cannot turn my face 
away from all these colours!

Temporary colour spray it is!

Mulberry s/s 2012
My favourite. Subtle shades of colours to frame the face that 
compliments the fresh face. I'm also in love 
with the bouffant at the moment- oh so 60s with the middle 

Issey Miyake s/s 2012
Moving onto a slightly less wearable look, Issey Miyake has his 
models spray their hair which has been 
shaped to look like tulips! How cute! Looking at it artistically, 
I actually really like this! However odd it 
might be...

Thakoon s/s 2012
Now onto a look that should be left for the runways... Thakoon's 
mini soldiers came out with painted, tied up dos. Although I will 
not be sporting this look this spring, the choice of pastel 
shades' definately rocking my boat!

Lee Stafford's 
Colour Extreme Colour Extreme Spray 
in Outrageous Orange

So I found this little 75ml can in Pounland! Yes, it was indeed only 
a pound but Boots sell it for £4.07. I'm slightly confused with 
all the different packagings but nevertheless, the product  I purchased 
(pictured above) didn't dissapoint. It has a good pigmentation and although it 
covered my dark hair, it took me a fair amount of spray to 
cover my hair. But because I only paid a pound for it- I'm not 
complaining! It does say on the instructions that it's advisable to 
spray a white colour on first though... booo. 

As you can see, the bad thing about spray on colours is that it will 
leave a dry texture! I don't mind it since I only spray a 
strip of hair where I have my quiff on and everything is rock solid 
hair sprayed into place. I wouldn't advice you use this product to spray the 
tips of your hair for the dip-dye effect unless you're using it 
or a photoshoot.. with far away shots!

how to make a gif

The reason why I had to go with orange (out of all the colours out there) was because this was the only 
colour they had in stock yesterday! Overall, it's a great product if you want to dye your hair but you have dark 
hair or you just want a temporary colour. I went out with this look last night and had bronzed face, thick 
eyebrows and a contrasting lip colour- Barry M lip paint #100 on. The colour stayed on all night and was easy to wash off with a bit 
of shampoo and warm water.


Style Incognito said...

I love the Issey Miyake hair too although it isn't very wearable compared to the Mulberry one!
The Lee Stafford temporary spray looks very pigmented, however the texture it leaves doesn't look very good. Love how you've styled it though!


Ah why thankyou! Yeah, the texture is just absolutely horrid!

sacramento said...

Why not, ummmmmmmmmmm I might even try...


Ooh yes! give it a go! I can imagine you with it looking lush with all your colourful clothes :))

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Love the colour! x hivenn

Victoria said...

I'm so gona try this!