Review [Barry M Lip Paint #54 Peach]

Barry M Lip Paint #54 Peach

Shade #54 Peach is the newest color I'm adding into my Barry M 
Lip Paint collection.
With a soft-but-bright, creamy orange colour, this is sure to 
satisfy your lipstick cravings. 

On Barry M's website, #54 is pictured as a red/ dark orange shade 
but don't be fooled.  Once you go to
the store, you will see that it is in fact a warm toned 
orange shade which is going to look great with those 
summer dresses.
The name of the shade is Peach but I would classify this as a 
bright coral color.

Barry M's lip paints are well known for their waxy texture and 
high pigmentation and this lipstick isn't any different. 
The first swipe over the lips will be of a dry consistency and that is 
what most people get put off by but I've learnt over the past 
that these lipsticks get creamier and easier to 
put on after a couple of uses. If you like your 
lipstick thick and matte then you should definately get this for spring!


sacramento said...

yes I have had a haircut. My own design. I have a friend, who is a hairdresser and follow my instructions, lol.
Glad that you notice.
Gorgeous lipstick

crayola actually said...

this colour looks gorgeous! wish we had barry m over here in canada :(



Anonymous said...

Oh this is a fabulous coral color love it xx

Lateefah said...

i need to get my hands on this lipstick asap