Fashion Runway l Live Performance l After Party
* 20th AUG 2011 *



The most talked about event is creeping up pretty quick!
This year, fashion blogger Fashion Beauty Bug has teamed up with The Signature Crew, one of the best event organizers in the UK. We've been to their pageant shows, live performance shows, all the clubbing nights in London and Maidstone but together, they have come up with something none of the other Nepali organizers have yet touched up on here in England. With the collaboration of the Fashion Beauty Bug and The Signature Crew, you will be able to witness a show where fashion shows and live performances collide with a huge bang! To top that off, the night will end with an after party at the same venue! And by the way, the venue is pretty impressive! Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle, has been used in the past for concerts, holding 920 seats for our show with a balcony view!
There's going to be some HOT models strutting down the runways, showcasing the designers' newest collection of garments. All the designers have been working on their materials for the past few months, all from scratch! I would know, I'm one of them! Most of us are studying fashion in Uni already. Some are still in college! Young talents! We haven't hired any professional models. This event is all about bringing out the freshest of the talents but don't under estimate them. They've been hand picked, finest of the finest! Hot like the Gawky girls- one of the many live performances that will be happening that night. Alongside the live acoustic music, DJ Cva will be there, accompanying our models down the runways with some crazy beats. And if that wasn't enough, the fun continues throughout the night with an after party, where I will be drinking LOTS, cause I'll need it! After some sleepless nights on the sewing machine, one needs to drink humongous amounts of vile substance to celebrate success. GREAT success.
Although I am not a fashion designer myself, I thought I'd give it a go since I know my textiles from A Levels *grins*. I can't sew a straight line and I haven't used any patterns for any of my outfits. I've just gone along with my stylist intuitions and created some garments, all from a few meters of cotton fabric, some old bed sheets, curtains from the charity shop and a lot of hard work!
My last project was based on Maiti Nepal so I thought it would be best for me to carry on the topic and bring the concept out onto the catwalk. I wanted to highlight the power of a woman at first but then I realized that 'freedom' is more relevant to what I've been trying to express all this time. Soon enough, my love for the 60s came along in the picture and since the Miniskirts were introduced then, I found this to be the best era to connect to. The freedom to wear anything you want/like and not be criticized for it. The 60s let loose. I'm so thankful! Expect to see a lot of colors in my collection! That's all!
I could go on and on really. I do babble on quite a bit at times. Just bag yourself a ticket and make sure you're there on the night! See you all there!

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