Story of my life

Today I received a text from my friend letting me know that our results are now being sent through mails. Then I got a second text that read 'How did you do?!'. At this point, I knew I had to check the internet for my results! So I did... And by the way, I was not even home so there I was looking for my results on my phone and then... BAM!

D I S T I N C T I O N !!

...then I completely lost my nuts and freaked out for a very long time!

oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah.

I couldn't actually stop saying OMG. I was SOOO excited!
I was expecting a Merit since I've been wondering and pondering all summer about all the things I could have done. Fortunately, I was relieved to find out (so early!) that I passed with the highest grade possible!



results aside,

A very big day for me. Private viewing is on tomorrow and I am taking my mum, dad, baby sister (who absolutely loves watching 'didi ko fashion shows'!) and my two sisters who are taking time out of school just to come support me and watch the whole exhibition for the first time ever !!!
I've worked so hard for the 'Save Our Sisters' project and I've got the grade I wanted but tomorrow is the real judgement day. The t-shirt go on sale! I am SO nervous!
What if they don't sell?!
Negative thoughts aside, I am actually very excited!

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