so far, it's going good

I went to C&H today and bought 2metres of oilcloth fabric for £25.98


(I am absolutely broke now)

I decided I should draw up my wall idea and share it here. I also decided to show four of the photos from the photo shoot (not the ones which are going to be shown in the exhibition) whilst flashing my new white and red spotty oilcloth.



The photos are going to be hung up with fish wire because I do not want them stuck on/touching the wall. The t-shirts are obviously in the bags. Each hook for four of my designs. 24 t-shirts in total.

I will be honest now. I do not like this wall. AT ALL.
Well we've all been allocated a space around our fashion textiles studio and I've been given a space in the corridor and it's quite huge! I really like it but I really hope this vision that I had of my wall looks more appealing in real life! 14th of may that is! not long to go at all ...

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