2015 Test 1 : Kendel @ Hive Management

Since graduating last summer, I've been busy trying to build a career in the world of fashion PR but since things didn't go as planned, I've returned back to doing things that I love doing- MAKE UP!

So this is my first ever test this year (normally I would be on test number 6842 by this time of the year) and who better to shoot with than the people who I worked with through out my years in university- Scarlett Giannotti on styling / creative directing and Sophie Lobban on camera! We set base at Scarlett's work place ASOS HQ and we all had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous Kiwi model Kendel from The Hive Management. Under Scarlett's instruction, we had metallic golds and metallic greens to play with around the face and Sophie made sure the colours were captured the right way (as always!) on her digi and film cameras. We also had some extra help from my bessie Jack who took all the photos below :)

It's good to be back shooting again!

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