Review - LUSH - Bubblegum Lip Scrub

You are all aware of this product! I am sure of it!
The LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub is one of the most talked about lip products
especially since we are heading into the winter months (ie, dry, chapped, flaky lips)
every girl I know is heading into LUSH to purchase (or restock!) their own pot of deliciousness!

There were four flavours in my local LUSH store- BUBBLEGUM, COLA, POPCORN & MINT CHOC
I really liked the popcorn but it didn't smell as strong as I hoped it would but the mint had a fairly strong scent 
and I just wanted to eat the cola flavour! I'm being picky.. I'm sure I will buy them all very soon!
In the end, I thought about the clients I would be using it on and therefore, I went for the bubblegum flavour.

Bubblegum has a fairly strong scent and you can taste the sweetness of the sugar 
but I would advise you test it out at the store before purchasing it
the staff members are super helpful and are willing to let you try out the scrubs!

Not only does the sugar exfoliate the dead skin but the natural oil leaves my lips feeling moisturised!
A perfect smooth base for your new bold berry lipstick to glide on!
Sometimes, right after I scrub, my lips feel a little 'plump'
and that is when I apply a slick of lip balm making my lips look healthy and fuller.

It's tempting to scrub everyday but  I would advise you to only use it when necessary
ie- only when your lips ARE chapped! not when you THINK they are...

As it says on the package, it's HOMEMADE with FRESH INGREDIENTS and NO PRESERVATIVES
I also love the fact that it's a vegan product!

After a pinch of this stuff and a good scrub, I wipe away the excess using warm water.
To be totally honest, well, most of the time, I lick off the excess because it says so on the label ^
I'm not sure if it's absolutely edible so please don't go eating the whole pot!
I'm tempted to, as I said before, it looks like SLUSHIE!
Ps, The first time I ate it, I was left with a fairly unpleasant after taste but you just soon get used to it 
as the bubblegum flavour takes over!

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