The Stonewall Riot!

Imaging project numero trois has officially started! Basically I'm in a group of three, with three weeks to make a 25 page publication (sort of like a fanzine) of images and only 100 words, amazing! I volunteered to go to today's workshop which was on a bit of research and image making. Basically spent half the day researching and then the other half cutting and sticking paper! 

We've chosen The Stonewall Riots as our main topic and it's basically about the homosexuals fighting back, for the first time, against the police raids. You go gurl! So I made the image below using images, colour swatches and typefaces. I collaged everything on top of eachother and it had to be 'playful' so I sprinkled lots of pink glitter everywhere! Love Love!

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Victoria said...

Oh I love this project! Well done :)