Celebrities! [Kat Von D + Lauren Pope]

I have never met anyone famous in my whole entire life! When I 
saw Kat Von D at Pure London, I was so excited! I thought she 
would be a typical celebrity he was such a lovely person- super 
friendly and I genuinely mean it! She was chatting to all her 
admirers and made time for everyone. She tweeted about being over 
the moon seeing all her outfits come to life and I'm not going to 
lie, I could genuinely see the excitement in her eyes!
It was so cool to be backstage working and have her come in, just 
before she went onto the stage.

Then the next day, I got the chance to meet Lauren Pope from 
TOWIE. Most people find the show ridiculous but I've been 
watching it from the start so I love it! Lauren is so pretty in 
real life and I was actually really excited/ nervous about 
meeting her. She was friendly but she looked really 
uncomfortable. She's got her own line of clothes with Little 
Mistress so she took centre stage at one point and she even 
tweeted about how nervous she was. Aww, bless her! Her clothes 
are actually really not that bad! They're very pretty bedazzled 
dresses, shirts and other youthful clothes.


sacramento said...

You shine with your own light even next to celebrities.


ahh i can only wish! xxxxxxxx

christy said...

nice blog ^^ loves it

follow me and i follow you))

xoxo Christy