London Menswear A/W 2013 - V IMPRESSIVE

I'm spending my thursday morning looking through the shows and I have to say.. I am so impressed! Menswear collections are always the ones to look out for because you simply do not know what to expect! Some choose to break out of the box and create ridiculously exciting designs (love it!) and this season did not fail to impress me AT ALL.
Here are a few photos taken from showstudio of the collections that caught my eyes! and a few of my amateur words on what I thought...

I would happily roll around her collection in full joy! The very well groomed models sporting bold prints in very feminine shades of fuchsia and aubergine- what is there not to love! The contrast between the stiff structure of some of the materials used and the prints.. I've never seen a man look so good in pink.


Now onto MAN who had monochrome shades splashed all over. I particularly love the use of matte and shiny surfaced fabrics, together. Showcasing a very impractical, but SO GOOD, what seems to be a bunch of plank woods on top of the head! Its like someone smacked him around the head.. literally.

Oh Topman! Well done!Another collection I would happily roll around on! I am sure I am not the only one who loves this set! The colour pallet and the fabric and the styling and the embellishment.. its to die for! Get saving boys.. this is the collection for you!

J W Anderson played the wild card with his androgyny set.. you will either love it or hate it. The idea of androgyny dressing doesn't just apply to womens wear- as Anderson clearly shows. The use of neutral shade helps these outfits look less theatrical, try-hard or even drag-like but I have to say.. I am not a big fan of the subtle frills. As subtle as they may be.. the clean cuts works better. Ps, I would totally buy all those outfits. For myself.

And lastly Lee Roach and his collection caught my eyes! Clean cut, well structured, well styled and very well groomed  men.. this is your perfect man for all you ZARA ladies! Monocrome shades and the leather simplifies the overall outfit and has a very mature, sophisticated feel. Cannot help but love this collection!

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