My Week- Galleries, Friends and Fro-yo

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I've had an awesome week back into uni catching up with friends, vising galleries in London and getting a new desk and a chair! I have decided to change pathways and do IMAGING instead of PHOTOGRAPHY AND STYLING purely because I feel like I need to learn something new now and IMAGING is perfect for me I can always change back to the other one so no worries! We had a little trip to some really cool galleries like the White Cube in Bermodsey Our project is called 'Fashion Space' so its been good having a look around different styles of living spaces At my flat, I bought myself a new desk and chair so I re-arranged my room and its all perfect now! And I had my first fro-yo last night! Green tea is defo my favourite!

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Style Marmalade said...

Going to galleries is always so refreshing and isnpiring, you look like the kind of person I'd love to hang out x