Smart Beauty- Pastel Baby Blue Hair dye


So... I dyed my hair pastel blue using Smart Beauty pastel hair dye in baby blue! I just dyed the ends though for a dip-dye effect and I already had some pink hair from before so all the colours seem to mix in well! really happy with this! im thinking of adding more colours....! ps, i purchased my hair dye from savers for only £2.99 and I still have half a tube of it left :D


Siobhan said...

Did you bleach your hair before putting the dye on? I'm dying (heh) to use this but I think my hair is too yellow :(


I used a lightner from smart beauty but it wasnt a drastic change to major blonde so id say the colours would still show if u have similar hair colour to mine but i would advice lightning and toning first siobhan :) pastels work best on very very light hair :-)

Reda Pinard said...

Well, it looks great to me! I loved it as the colors blended well together. Have you tried dying your hair blue? I mean all of your hair, not just the end? I wonder if it will also look good on you. :’)