Karla Powell Colour Run Lips Series Inspired Makeup

She falls asleep.

Karla Powell is holding a competition at the moment called 'Be Inspired'
and the aim is to be inspired by her Colour Run Lip Series and respond to the images and makeup.

Here are a few unedited photos of the look (below) and the one we took outside (scroll up)
My model (my housemate Sabrina :) thankyou so much!) was so brave and froze her toes out in the snow
but I was not able to take a very good photo so we just took some inside!

It's been snowing and I just happened to open the cupboard where I had stored some white feathers in 
(ordered it a while back for a shoot that did not happen)
I was inspired by the snow and feathers so I thought of combining Karla's images in too!

At the end, it all rolled in place- a vulnerable bird, wounded and cold in the snow, melting away.
Obviously that was after a few research, thinking and experimenting here and there!
The concept was there but I had to come up with the look so I drew up some face charts
and I decided to paint my model in white face paint all over- to represent the cold snow 
with a cosmic swirl of colors on the eyelid (inspired by vibrant tropical birds)
my model has green dip dyed hair so that really inspired me too
and I decided to have her 'skin' (white face paint) melt over her eyelids
so to say that the life in her is slowly being taken away from her by the cold.
The melting/ dripping was the part Karla's work inspired me!

As you can see, the face paint was crackling and peeling away but as always, 
I made it work as it added an extra effect to the look and I was happy with it.
I'm happy with the way it turned out but I want to do a second attempt and create a similar look
with foundation- so it looks more 'realistic' ? Fingers crossed!

ps, this reminds me of the bird girl in Kanye West's Runaway's video?

Want to enter Karla's competition or simply have a look at the other very inspiring entries?

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