Festival Brides!





Hellooo! I was at The House Meadows today to assist Lucy Jayne Parker at a photoshoot with The Festival Brides! These are just a few behind the scene photos I took whilst the shoot was going on. It was truly incredible to watch all the sets- they paid attention to every little detail! Incredible! I cannot wait to see the final photos! 

I was lucky to be assisting Lucy with the makeup today :) I just couldn't help but stare at Lucy whilst she worked on the models! I was making mental notes! I've learnt a lot today to be really honest. I even got the chance to do one of the model's makeup towards the end! It was a massive, very well organised shoot and I feel very lucky to have been involved! 
A massive thankyou to Lucy :)

Now go ahead and check out Festival Brides' blog everyone!
Their whole concept is just wow! Go find out more about them! 


shaina said...

<3in itt

Gyan Gurung said...

the bst photos look incredible! look forward to seeing the final pictures :)