Review [Barry M's kohl pencil #13 Pastel Turqouise]

So here I go.. crying about Lime Crime's Mint To Be again. I've 
wanted this lipstick (pictured below) for weeks now but it has 
been discontinued and the whole stock at ebay's been sold out 
too! crazy! So I have to find an alternate till then.. So here it 
is, a shade which I thought was very close to Mint To Be... 
Barry M's kohl pencil #13 Pastel Turqouise.

But as you can see, I was wrong! Mint To Be is a much more of a 
green/mint shade. I picked up #13 Pastel Turqouise thinking it 
was more of a mint color but once I got home, I could see how 
much this shade leans towards the aqua shade. Mind you, on Barry 
M's products, they only mention the number of the product, not 
the name. I only found out about the name when I checked online.

Barry M's kohl pencils come in a lean pencil shape, easy to grip 
whilst applying. Although it has a transparent cap/cover which 
makes it easy for us to see what the shade looks like, most Barry 
M kohl eyeliners have the perfect matching colored packaging.

#13 Pastel Turquoise is a cool aqua color which could be mistaken 
for mint at first glance but it really is a deep pastel shade of 
blue. It glides on the skin smoothly and gives a intense color 
after a few strokes.

The product is aimed for eye makeup use and  I have not applied 
it on my eyes yet but I bought it for my lips so I was expecting 
the dry texture, which you can see pictured above but I like my 
lipsticks with dry textures. However, I'm ready to flaunt this 
lippy one day soon. It will surely cheer up the rainy days we're 
meant to be expecting in the next few days!

Ps, would you dare wear this color on your lips out in public?

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J n Nty said...

Love that lip color