M.I.A - 'Bad Girls' inspired photo shoot.

Photographer: Thomas Langley
Stylist: Amy Johnson
Creative Director / MUA & Hair: Chhimmi Gurung
Model: Selina Rai

During the Easter holidays, we decided to get together for a quick photo shoot and this time, since I'm M.I.A obsessed right now, I managed to persuade everyone to do a M.I.A inspired photo shoot! We took inspirations from her recent video Bad Girls with bold colored makeup and Amy played around with different textures on black colored clothes, which was absolutely perfect against the colorful face and locations. 

Middle east meets a whole lot of blingage, dollah' and attitude.

Live fast, die young 
Bad girls do it well.

As for the makeup, M.I.A has such a loud personality and I always associate her with whacked out color combinations so I put a whole load of color on our model Selina's face- blues, pinks, greens and gold. I kept her face very natural with a very light coverage and highlighted her cheekbones with shimmer bronzer. I just cannot M.I.A caked in foundation! In her video Bad Girls, she looks this laid back chick with her bed-head hair but our model Selina has very silky, short hair so I straightened her hair, textured and thickened it with hair spray and during the shoot, we ruffled her hair to get that awkward done-but-not-done look.

Had a handle on it
My life, I broke it
When I get to where I'm going, gonna have you saying it

Our photographer Tom hardly edits his photos and I'm liking Selina's un-photoshoped face. It was a very horrible windy/rainy day so we were running around the county trying to find sheltered locations- it was hectic! So you can imagine Tom trying to get his best photos by using these smoke bombs but with wind getting in the way! All in all though, we got some great photos at the end of the day! If we were to do this shoot again, I would probably change the makeup a little and make it even more colorful- bit more juicy(?) and give more directions to the model to make M.I.A's crazy facial poses. Selina, being a dancer herself, did an awesome job with the poses and I thought that would have been enough but looking back on the photos, I should have really directed her to give a bit more attitude. Lesson learnt!
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