The Ideal Home show

Just a week ago, I was working in the Ideal Home Show, dressing the 
models backstage at the catwalk shows in the ideal women's section.

Today, I wish to rant on about how they used unrealistic models in their presentations! It's become normal for me to be working with the stereotypical models without realizing how 'different' they are from the brand's target market. In my eyes, high end designers get away with using stick thin models because I see their shows as a performance, one's imagination portrayed onto clothing but shows like this where thousands of middle aged women come to get style advise from, it doesn't make sense for them to be using the models they used.


The Ideal Home Show attracts ladies who are well into their 30s + and yet, there I was backstage dressing these models whose physique is nowhere close to an average 30 year old's. Unless they've managed to keep their youthful 20 year old body figures, none of these ladies will be wanting to watch these size 6s walk down their ideal women section!

Other than that, I advise EVERYONE to attend the Ideal Home Show EVERY YEAR! In between the shows, I went to explore the humongous hall which has different sections: ideal garden, ideal food, etc!     At my age, I wouldn't have expected to be impressed by it all but I was! I'm definitely going every year!

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