Parcha Exhibition [MY COLLECTION]

Thankyou to Parcha Production, Sophia Rai and Oyz Khan for the photos. I just wanted to post a few photos that have trickled into facebook and explain a bit more about my designs.

 I have never been taught how to professionally sew or cut patterns to make clothing because I don't study fashion design so I had to take a different approach from all the rest of the designers. This had to be slightly different from the last fashion show that I took part in (link), purely just so that I could make the most of it and have fun experimenting. 
I've always liked using mixed media. Plaster seemed like the perfect material for me. The only problem was that I didn't have time to mold the plasters on the exact models. Positively, I ploughed through the tedious process of layering mud-roc. Smashing the glass was a different story! I had to get my friends to help me crush them and the dust was just unbearable. Later on finding out that I could buy crushed glass from ebay, was just the cherry on top of the cake! 
I went for the colors blue, green, pink and purple. I'm a big fan of colors (although I have realised that recently, I tend to wear black for backstage work situations). My last set of garments was just a huge rainbow so I wanted to tone it down a bit this time. And the length of the dresses are obviously inspired by the playfulness of the 60s! I was thinking of making them long and mermaid-like (so obsessed with mermaids atm!) but it just didn't look right! 60s all the way!
I've said it before but I'd like to say it again. The look would not have been complete without the makeup artist, hair stylist and  the jewellery maker! Subey, Nesh and Roshani!

Backstage with my baby sister and my models!


Melissa Tchieu said...

Fabulous creations my dear. I do see alot of potential in your makeup skills ;) Good work on ur collection.

Its nice to meet someone who appreciates my style. I have received all your lovely comments in my blog. Big thanks for takin time to comment on so many posts. KISSES & HUGS from Singapore!

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS with ur loved ones...must be really cold in uk.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Style Incognito said...

Great work on the night! It did showcase a lot of hard work that must've gone into the creations!

Great night spent!



Aww such lovely commments :) Thankyou Melissa and Style Incognito! It was indeed a very good night :) A lot of hard work but totally worth it!