Fashion Clown: White out [FASHION SHOW REVIEW]

I had recently taken up a side project with Parcha Production. A Nepalese event organizer run by three Nepali guys. There new project consisted of doing an art exhibition including the growing Nepali artists here in the UK and they had newly added fashion designers to the list.I had done a similar project with a different in August so i kind of knew what was expected and how much work I had to do. Though it was only three designs for the show I thought the time we had wasn't exactly sufficient to make it all happen. But I am glad to say that it was enough for me to complete my work and made well enough to fit the model to be shown at the show.

Krishma Subba's Silent

Each designers had their own style, their own stories to portray. There were Krishma and Chhimmi who had taken a more conceptual approach to their ideas. There was the use of nontraditional materials when to it comes to clothing such as plasters for creating body forms for wear. I can only imagine the amount of patience and frustration the designer might've endured. There were collections of Krishma and Sunuk whose ideas behind what they made pretty evident in their choice of silhouettes and colours and their prints though the image of their collection polar opposite to each other.. Sophia's collection had a very princess/fairy tale vibe with her babydoll dress and glittering make up and jewellery (Designed by Roshani Rajbhandari) to compliment. It had a very cute and innocent elements to it.

Chhimmi Gurung's Out of the norm

Sunuk Rai's Tropical Bird
Sophia Rai's Ever after
Rasmi Dewan's Persephone; Smriti Rana's Eastern Dream (middle); Valinda Rai's Moonlight
Smriti's collection from what i heard from the others was a bridal wear. When i had a glimpse of it I didn't actually think it was handmade. Everything looked very clean and fitted and you would actually think that it was from a shop. They were very traditional garments. My sister said it was something she would wear and yes i can really see them being worn at a cultural function. Valinda had a very interesting choice of fabric and accessories like the finger knitted (yes i said fingers. such technique does exists) neck piece that rested on the chest. Her reflective fabrics was a like visual reference of when the moonlight hits the water creating a sparkling reflection. Her shapes were minimal and the simple style with the beautiful fabric made her collection.
Through out the show it wasn't until the end that i had realized that all the designers had unconsciously chosen white. If not through out their collection there was at least one garment made in white. I guess in terms of colours we were all in the same wavelength ^_^.
Sorry about the brief writing. I didn't have enough time to write a thorough post on each of them. But i hope you can the gist of was thinking. Also the photos were taken off facebook hence why they are grainy and not all the photos are included. I just wanted the theme of white to come through this post but i just somehow got carried away with writing so some of you might not know what i am on about. Photos don't belong to me.


sacramento said...

Wonderful collections, but I adore yours. It has not only colour, but such a baroque touch in the embelishment, wowwwwwwwwwwwwww


aww what a compliment! thankyou very much :) xxxxxxxxxx
I could not bring myself to critical review any of the collection because they were all special in their own ways and had their own designer's personal touch. So I just re-blogged my friend Rasmi's post as she's very good with her words :)