Man Makeup!

The day I did this [ link ] post, I was also doing makeup for Lex Limbu's shoot for Folio magazine! His first cover shoot! Exciting stuff! I had never done makeup on a guy before and as you can imagine, creating a wearable look on a guy without making him look too done-up whilst covering up all flaws can be very tricky! I gave it my best though! I didnt use any fancy 'man makeup' they sell out there. Just the ones from my kit- Foundation, powder, a contour job and a lick of vaseline! Although the makeup still looked quite un-natural in the light, Karuna didi edited it very well and congratulations to Lex!

So there has always been that question- should men be wearing makeup? Lex gets away with it, since these photos are being used for a magazine but on a normal day basis, should men wear make up? I think not. Okay, so it's a personal choice as to how people choose to look but personally, as much as I like the thought of polished, non-spotty, chiseled faced men, I think a lot of girls will agree with me on this one... they're better off staying away from the concealers, the bronzing powders and the worst of them all... guy liners!

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