Yesterday was the day I officially stopped working on my Final Major Project. I won't be posting any photos of my final piece until the private view night, 6th of June, just because I don't want to give much away. So till then, I will be posting not-so-studio-related work of mine.

I should have been glad yesterday cause I'm finally on a summer break now but I just didn't feel like smiling. Maybe the thought of not having enough time to finish my bookwork got me upset but I had completed my final outcome so I did have a reason to smile! I don't know. SIGH. I am going to miss being busy and involved with projects.
I am going to have to start my own project now because I cannot be lingering around doing nothing. I need something to keep my mind off things that has been affecting my life recently.
All these sudden changes.
I will miss my friend Anju who has been there for me from the start; listening to my childish complaints to helping me with high tech computer programs! Bless her little camera clicking fingers! I am going to miss our lunch buddy Chris aswell actually! I won't deny it, I'll miss my tutor Lucy Chick! She's been such a great motivator!

I've been travelling all my life and I should be used to going through changes by now but it's getting harder as I grow older. Should I be worried?

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