Portfolio Photoshoot



It's 2013 but I'm back tracking and posting photos that I haven't shared yet.
Starting with these set of photos from a shoot just before Christmas holidays.
Damian Chapman Course Leader MA portfolio/MA Coordinator Epsom
needed a makeup artist for a shoot so I volunteered to help out.
I wasn't too sure what the shoot was about
and I had offered to help out in the last minute
but nevertheless, I went and even though it was not he usual
fashion editorial style photo shoot I am mostly doing these days,
I got to meet some fab MA students who were assisting the shoot,
learnt a few things from Mr Chapman himself and
plus our model, who wants to get back into modelling, 
was a pleasure to work with and meet!
So next time someone asks for help with a shoot and you're free
go for it cos you never know who you will meet.

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