How to make your eyes appear LARGER! [Asian Eyes l Hooded Monolids]

This trick which basically helps 'lift' hooded eyelids, might be of help to some =)

In the Asian community, its considered 'beautiful' to have larger eyes so many girls, including myself to be honest (!), try many different tricks to make the eyelid crease wider... therefore creating the illusion of wider, bigger eyes. I've used eyelid glues and sticky stickers but this is a DIY homemade trick my mum's been doing for years and years now and it works! So instead of wasting money (and waiting for months before ebay decides to deliver from china!) I've been using a normal masking tape! I would not advise using a cello tape or even a duct tape because the skin around your eyes are sensitive and you do not want to scratch/poke/irritate it.

1. Hooded eyelids.
2. Masking tape and scissors.
3. Cut a strip of masking tape.
4. Place the strip on your natural eyelid crease.
5. Stick the inside strip firmly onto skin.
6. Stick the outer strip firmly onto skin.
7. Lift skin over the masking tape strip.
8. Make sure the strip is sitting comfortably on the
eyelid with a new crease folded on top of the strip.
9. Leave the strip on your eyelids over night
and remove it in the morning!

 And there you go... wider eyelids!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Wow. BIG difference. I know in Asia they sell these eye lid tapes that already take the shape of your lids, and they are clear.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less


I just think they're a waste of money when the job can be done with masking tape- something i always have at home! but yeap! big difference huh! :D

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