Makeup Challenge!

So this morning I set myself a challenge!
I picked a trio of shades that were next to each other on the makeup palette 
so I picked this trio, pictured above- 
creamy silver, dark aubergine and gold!

Now the challenge was to work with all these colors and create a wearable eye makeup look.
No planning what so ever! Just plain improvisation! 
I had to be careful with what I was doing because I had a job interview later on in the day!
I wanted something neutral, yet something that reflected my personality and my love for colors.

1. I took the creamy silver shade and applied it 
from my tear duct to the middle of my eye lid.

2. Then I used the gold shade to fill up 3/4 
of my eye lid, concentrating in the middle.

3. Then using the last dark aubergine shade, 
I created a 'wing' of a desirable length.

4. Then pulled it upwards and around my eye socket. 
I stopped just as my brush touched the silver eye shadow around 
the tear duct.

5. I used a fluffy brush and blended the dark 
aubergine eye shadow.

6. I drew a thick line across my lash line using my 
liquid eyeliner and followed the shape of the 'wing' created 
with the dark aubergine eye shadow
to create another black 'wing' with the eye liner. 

Mascara Loving!!
7. All the eye shadows are sparkly 
so I had to stay away from the false eye lashes for today.

8. Lastly, a gentle stroke of blusher on my cheekbones.
Lips were left nude. 

and VOILA !!!

gif maker

I still had the towel on my head when I was doing this makeup!

So, what do you think?? 

Did I go wrong with the sparkly eye shadows??
Or did the neutral shades tone it down??
Did I play it TOO safe??



Anonymous said...

I think its pretty! Where are the eyeshadows from?
Not too safe since you went on a job interview ~ did it go well?


Thankyou! It was one of those eye shadow palletes they sell during christmas! Interview went well :) thankyou for asking :) I'm just waiting to hear back from them now! xxx

Anonymous said...

kasto pretty :) What if you went the other way round, that would look good too I think


oooh im not too sure about that one but its worth a try! ill post it up if i get around to trying it out :D but hey, thats a very snazzy idea! (Y) xxx