Review [ COLLECTION 2000 | HOT Looks | Fast Dry | Candy Floss #48 ] |

So my friend Allison left her nail polish 
over at mine the other day and I've always seen her wear it
so I thought I'd do a review on it!
It's a pale pink shade called Candy Floss #48

It's a fast drying, long lasting nail polish that I recommend to everyone!
It does what it says on the tin! No hassle! 

Pastels are in right now and if you're looking for a pale pastel shade of pink,
look no further because this is the right shade for you!
You could also pair it up with other pastel shades if you're 
feeling slightly experimental!

I applied one layer and it was enough for an even coverage.

I did not purchase this particular bottle myself
but at Boots [link] it's only £1.79 for an 8ml bottle!

For more info on Collection 2000's nail polishes, click on the link below!


Mi_Mi said...

wow i love the colour soo pretty <3


AngeliqueDama said...

Great color<3

Torp said...

I love this color. So pretty :)

jennifer june said...

Just read your comment on my blog, great minds eh ;) it made me chuckle that you appreciate my use of non-lady-like words in my post :P hehe keeping it fresshhhh!xxx