A generous serving of color!

Photography: Saskia Lawson
MUA and Hair: Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung
Model: Kyra Folkes

Earrings from MOOi LLC

I feel like I've been flooding my blog with black and white photos
so here's something different to liven up my blog!
I've been going on and on about MOOi LLC for a few months now
and I shall be going on and on about it for a few more :)

Saskia and I had the pleasure of working with the ever-so-sweet Kyra
and she has the most amazing bone structure for someone of her age!
I had the perfect canvas to work on aswell 
so I slapped on as many colours as I could on Kyra's face...joking!
But I did opt for a colorful combo for this shoot and I'm very pleased with it.
It's got that tropical.. Spanish feel to it I reckon..!

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