Review [NEW! Eylure Naturalites Double False Eyelashes #205]

I'm on the hunt to find the perfect false eyelashes for my peepers!
This time, I tried out some DOUBLE false eyelashes!
I nabbed these babies from Superdrug for a hefty sum of £7.09
but I'm going to tell you why I think it's worth the price!

The box comes with it's simple instructions on the back.
Inside, as per usual, there is a mini lashfix adhesive glue and a set of detailed instructions/ information.
The glue works really well but if you already have a pot of glue
then store these in your makeup purses for on-the-go disaster fixes!

These false eyelashes are thicker than your normal ones.
At first glance, you might be put off by the bulkiness but once you put them on, 
as long as the false eyelashes have been put on correctly and properly,
they really do not cause any problems what so ever.

I wore them for a whole day and they were really comfortable. 
I have small eyes but the length was perfect.  
If you're new to eyelashes then I would not recommend these for you
purely because I wear false eyelashes everyday and I'm used to having falsies on my eyes for hours.
But this would be great for parties! Pair them up with smokey eyes!

I paired mine up with some Eylure underlashes! 
Any loving for my creepy I-will-eat-you-up look??

Click here for a review/how to on the underlashes >> [link]


OHMY-Hannah said...

These are absolutely gorge Chimalim. I'm definitely on the hunt for the perfect lashes, they're never quite right. May have to give these bad boys a try, they look delish and the perfect thickness xxx


Yes dear they're absolutely nearly perfect! I think I want some eyelashes with longer outer ends.. ahh and the hunt continues!!! :D xxx

Angelica said...

They look fab, I love the way you look on last photo! So pretty. x

Angelica said...

BTW You are being silly, I don't know anyone would be amazing to meet make-up addicted bloggers hahah like me. It would be nice if you would like to come ;) x

Tanii said...

this are amazing! Need to find some like that as well! :)


@angelica - thankyou deary :)
@Tanii - arent they just! find some on ebay ;)

Mi_Mi said...
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Mi_Mi said...

wow stunning i love these lashes really suits you.

jennifer june said...

Wowsa!! These lashes are amazing. I bought some cheap ones today to try as I'm definitely no eye lash pro! I wanna learn in time for my grad ball so I am determined to practice :) xxx