Halloween was fun this year! Everyone in the house made an effort and I had so much fun dressing up. I was so confused at first cause i had no idea what to dress up as but then Chris thought it'd be funny to dress up as bunnies, inspired by Regina's Halloween stripper bunny costume from the movie Mean Girls. *giggles* 
It was a real quick and easy makeup I did on myself. I did try and google some bunny costume makeup images online but they were all very complicated, VERY bunny-like makeup so I decided to create my own simple bunny look by blending whites and pinks all over my eyes, cheeks and lips. The lipstick I used was by Barry M in Baby Pink and eventhough this season's all about darker lips, I can't help but adore the shade. 
Fiona helped me make the bunny ears for Chris and I. I've always had this pink faux fur fabric with me and I knew it would come handy one day! Fiona cut out bunny ears and shaped a strong wire around the edges, covering the middle with white paper. Bless her, she was sewing all the pieces together but as I'm clever, I stepped in with a stapler!


In return, I gave Fiona a Halloween doll makeover! We came across a tutorial on youtube and we just had to go for it. I had fun glue-ing Fiona's eyebrows down! After that, we used about 5 different products to hide and conceal her eyebrows. It took ages but was totally worth it. To finish off, instead of creating that scary 3D bruised wide mouth from the tutorial, we decided to opt for cute little Lady Gaga lips. 


keschen said...

cute pictures!! love the scary halloween doll, very creative :)

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aww thankyou :) and yes, followed! so jel that you live in aussie!