Research on Sex Trafficking

Well then! Its a glorious monday morning and I am back on track with my work mode switched on!
This is a video from a website I came across. These are clips of what goes on in US but it gives me an idea of what goes on in this Sex Trafficking business. and it is truly revolting!

And I found another video by people from US raising awareness for Nepal! I am kind of shocked, but its a good shock cos it's nice to know someone all the way in the other side of the world can care so much and make the effort to raise awareness. Even if this is a little video, every little helps!

This video made me cry. Makes me wonder what a sad world we live in.

Monday afternoon, found this movie called TRADE, 2007.

photo from website

Story follows a 13yr old Mexican girl and a young polish woman who have been kidnapped into the business of sex slavery. The 13yr old girl waits while buyers bid for her like she's some item from ebay. The story follows with her brother who goes on a search to save his little sister.
I want to watch this movie now but the trailer's given me a good perspective of what the movie's like. The disturbing sounds and flickering clips. I'm definitely noting that down.

Just before I go for lunch, I come across this.

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