So there's this Miss Guffadi on the web

So Miss Guffadi decides to write up about me and I find out that I have a hater! and some more haters who liked the hate comment!

Miss Guffadi loves…

Miss Guffadi was wandering through some other blogs when Miss Guffadi found this…yum yum


Check out www.chhimmigurung.blogspot.com to see more of where this came from :)and Miss Guffadi really wants a cup cake with Miss Guffadi written on it… hmmm should I try baking?? p.s Chhimmi your blog’s pretty cool. even though Miss Guffadi doesn’t understand all of the fashion content…loving your photos! also one burning question! are you Sarala’s makeup artist?? if so…whats the pay like? because you seem to do a pretty darn good job!

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  1. love me says:
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    Wtf miss guffadi…more like miss.boring…why would blog about something so boring…I didn’t vote for you to stay for this this shit…you dissapoint me…get out of here..


    I have always asked for critical comments from people so I can learn from them so I am loving this!

    ps, whether I get paid to do Sarala's makeup or not is something you shall never find out!

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