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I'm looking for models at the moment. Nepali, innocent faced, unhealthy looking, tall. Should be easy, since most Nepali girls are size 12/14 below! The makeup should do the job aswell cos they need to look unhealthy. (Note that I didn't say Anorexic.)


Taken from VOGUE China (photo by Solve Sundsbo)
I really like this! Just because the top part sketches onto the bottom half of the photo with a very strong saturation of colour. She looks unreal, but then she looks real. It's hard to tell. This is what I call a fresh breath of air!


Apart from my current project, I am also really thinking about editing some photos in a very "hands-on" "non-technical" way. All shall be revealed once I get some done and I upload them up. I want to do some today, badly!

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