Moodboard to start the week off

I have sent an email to Laxmi along with a moodboard of how I imagine this photo shoot.
I want it to be DANGEROUS! I want hot spicy saturations of colours to portray the pain, yet keep the setting/ background pretty basic and of one solid block colour. The models strutting poses of demented body structure but I still want it to be high fashion and the quality in its best form. The picture should look perfect as if it's come out freshly from a glossy magazine.
The body language and the use of colours should be able to speak the message to the audience.
Every picture will have its own story.


After a quick ten minute or so tutorial with my tutor Lucy, I have now decided that I will definitely be designing "goodies" such as shirts or wristbands or rings or..?
Now that's where I'm stuck and I just cannot think of anything that separates the Nepali women from the western women, skill-wise.
I know the first group of ladies who were given help by Anuradha Koirala set up street markets and sold hand made straw woven baskets. But who is going to buy a straw woven basket here in he UK?! *confussled face*
Can I make friendship bracelets perhaps? Made out of threads AND straws?! Can I get some of the ladies in Nepal's shelters to make some?!?! Oooh.
I really need to get in touch with the main bosses of this organisation in Nepal.
I am planning to sell them in the exhibition, so I can actually make some money for the charity instead of just raising awareness.

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