Life is a rollercoaster

I have been working so hard today, trying to get myself back up again after a hard hit that made me think about setting my priorities right. I'm back on track now and I am raring to go. I've been working on work sheets today. I will scan the images in soon but till then, I cannot get myself over this awesome pinhole camera photo my friend Anju Gurung took of me. I added my own little touch with the wording on it since that's how I have been feeling recently; trying to give up on life; for example, this morning, I was so late (to top that off, I'd missed two busses already) so I was in the mood to turn around and go back home but then I thought, what good am I gonna get out of that? So I went to uni and did lots of work and now I feel better about myself.


As the day progresses, my friend Anna from Germany decides to enlighten my night by seducing me with this photo from her night out! Oh how I wish I could sip some Vodka Redbull right now! Ahhh! She tagged me AND left a lovely note :)


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