Dark eyebrows, Harsh crease line

So I've been at home for the past few weeks.. with no broadband!!
My life literally revolves around the internet so having to deal with this problem
was rather difficult... (insert sad face).

I've been making up for it though.. on my instagram!! ( @callmechim )
I've been attempting different looks and I've been posting on my instagram
and here is one of them! ...I just wanted to create something bold and striking
and the main inspiration for this look came from all the photos makeup enthusiasts post up
on instagram... they are all VERY lush! 
Esp the ones with dark eyebrows- perfectly neat with concealed edges
and harsh but perfect neat crease lines on the eyelids.. with lots of eyeshadow!
Nothing more to say really.. I just really enjoyed taking wierd photos of myself later on :D


Tattooed Tealady said...

Your eyebrows look amazing! xo


tehehe :) thankyou :') i really just went for it with the black eyeliner this time!!! :D

Raffles Bizarre said...

You look fantastic, great work!!


Mi_Mi said...

wow you look so pretty <3